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Welcome to the “Personal Growth Connection”!  As a John Maxwell Team Member one of my greatest passions is to help people reach their potential.    You just found a place where you will be encouraged to be intentional about your growth in your personal and professional life.   Congratulations for investing in you.  The most worthwhile investment you will make.

When you visit this page you will discover regular postings to enhance your journey of personal growth.    They will challenge you to keep growing, provide practical exercises,  and help you along your journey.

My hope is this will be an interactive page where visitors will leave questions and comments to help me best serve your needs for growth.

Investing in our personal growth yields daily and eternal dividends. An investment that will influence the lives of those we love and share our life journey.    Invest well and enjoy the journey!

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PGC #1 What is your “why”?

Curiosity keeps us growing and exploring.  What are you curious about?

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