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The Bible study:

“This study is counterculture and needed. Women face so many lies from the enemy. This study is truth women need to know and remember, thank you!” ~ Amy

“I think the book is what the title implies.  I loved your in depth study and scripture use you did a great job making the Christian journey relatable, understandable, and even do able.” ~Jamie

“It is a good study! I appreciated your analogies and depth.” ~Kate

“I greatly enjoyed this study when I did it at Schofield Barracks. It is amazing to think that we are in fact His princesses! I’m so excited to see how the Lord works through this study by revealing to women their true identities in Christ! Thank you for following His lead and calling on your life Sherry!” ~Christy

It has solidified teachings that I knew, but refreshed it in my heart and soul. It also helped me process things in my past that have been holding me back from living fully in Christ.” ~Erin

“Truly an enjoyable study! Well done.” ~ Judy

“God bless you and this powerful study!” ~ Eileen

“I cannot begin to express how much I enjoyed reading your bible study!  I was captivated by each chapter, drawn in to the majestic journey, and  loved how you guided us through step by step of being a royal princess!” ~Susan

“I’m excited to read your book and to read it. Thank you for such great insight at the retreat!” ~Jess

“I loved hearing you speak at the PWOC retreat in April. Made me realize many things. Thank you. I’m very excited to read your new study!” ~Amy

“Great job! I thoroughly appreciated your Bible study and your clear explanations for how to walk in faith. Well done!”  ~Lisa

“It refreshed your soul and spirit through a series of well explained weeks full of God’s words and truths.  It pulled me out of a routine worship. Now, I feel more comfortable to walk in God’s authority and love.” ~Karen


“God’s final creation, “Woman,” was the final touch, the crown of His creation. This value of women is so lost and beaten down today with the reality of true darkness looking for ways and opportunities to keep her in darkness. Sherry brings God’s heart and perspective of the true value of woman and compares her to a princess. Sherry uses the analogy of God’s Kingdom, His princess and her journey. As you work through this study you will see that you are His princess — so valued, precious and highly honored.  Take this 8-week journey and see how God’s word can transform your thinking to see yourself as the princess He created you to be.”

Eileen Marx – Wife, Mother of 5 Children, Grandmother,
Author, Speaker & Co-Founder of ATP Ministries


“Sherry Eifler’s Bible Study, Royal Reflections, takes us on a majestic journey of what it means to live as a Daughter of the King, a true Royal Princess! This eight-week study on living as a princess in God’s royal family is powerful, beautifully written and filled with scripture. I was captivated by each chapter, drawn in to the majestic journey, and loved how Sherry guides us through step by step of being a royal princess, and growing in God’s word. Royal Reflections is an ideal study for women who yearn to know their true identity and purpose in God’s kingdom.”

Susan Miller; Founder Just Moved Ministry and author of “After the Boxes are Unpacked”

“A solid Bible study exploring our transformational identity in Christ through a charming Princess story! Sherry’s use of Scripture to cover topics from forgiveness to warfare is exceptional. Any woman serious about living as a true child of the King of Kings will benefit from this Bible study.” 

Lisa Nelson Author of “A Woman’s Guide to Fasting

“Sherry takes her readers on a journey to and through the Royal Kingdom, emphasizing our true identity as daughters of the King. Royal Reflections is a beautiful, refreshing approach to what faith in Christ is all about.”

Judy Rossi; Author of “Naked &Unashamed“, “Raising Responsive Children”, and “Enhancing Your Marriage”

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What people are saying about~

Sherry’s speaking and training events:

 ” I’m excited to read your book and to read it. Thank you for such great insight at the retreat!” ~ Jess

“I loved hearing you speak at the pwoc retreat April 13,14. Made me realize many things. Thank you. I’m very excited to read your new study!” ~ Amy

“I’m so glad to have met Sherry as a leader at one of the Bible studies at PWOC. She lead our retreat this weekend that really impacted my life. And she’s always there if I need to talk or have a prayer request.” ~ Jenn

Reaction of the women who attended “The King and I Retreat”~ Meaningful Reflections:

“The View, reality,  and rhythm  acronyms.”

“To keep my view in mind God loves me always.”

“Let God bust your walls down. You cannot do that on your own.”

“I am worthy of the King’s time.”

“See myself as my King sees me.”

“I am worthy of the King’s attention!”

“Sherry’s discussion about not feeling worthy because of past was helpful.   Loved the part about being adored by savior.”

“That we are seen as beautiful.”

“Sherry’s talk about rhythm.  Reminder to walk in step and interpretive dance to “Beautiful” sung by Angie McLaughlin.”

“Sherry’s acronyms spoke to my heart and will keep me focused long after the retreat.”

“To be the King’s daughter.”

Psalm 45:10-11Psalm 45:10-11
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, the focus verse, helped me believe I am worthy of God’s attention.”

“I am chosen!”

“I am worthy to be loved by God.”

“God was glorified!”

“Sherry shared wise knowledge.”


“Bring the baggage it’s okay!”

 “You have access to the throne room of God – all you have to do is pray.”

“Listening to Sherry speak I could  feel and see the passion.

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What people are saying about~

Sherry’s personal growth and leadership coaching:

“I lead a local nonprofit organization in Watertown, NY.  One of my biggest challenges is leading groups of volunteers.  The other is knowing how much and who to give my time to.  That said, there are very few resources available in the northern New York to help leaders get better results.  Sherry has been a Godsend.   These past several months she is helping me learn to communicate with volunteers in a way that makes them feel motivated and supported.  Aside from that, she is really helping me see where my time and energy are going to get me the biggest results.  If you’re leading any kind of a nonprofit, and you care about the results you are getting, I really recommend investing in leadership coaching.  You will NOT regret it.”  ~James