Royal Reflections 2.0

New Release!

I invite you to look into the mirror of life with me and let God reflect all He designed you to become.

Royal Reflections 2.0 is a call to action Bible Study designed to awaken God’s daughters to live as His warrior-princesses. Readers are challenged to believe that what the Bible says about them is true; it provides clarity and cultivates confidence in their position in Christ, in their purpose as His daughter, and in their Power Source for warrior-princess living. Its interactive style captivates readers who journey together through engaging testimony of daily challenges to walk as warrior-princesses.

As a woman, something inside each of us yearns for authentic relationships and for direction. We are on a natural quest to identify and connect with our greater purpose in this world of ever-changing expectations and norms. Royal Reflections 2.0 is a study designed to help women find their purpose, clarity, and confidence to live the life God  desires for them.