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“Everything rises and falls on Leadership.”  John Maxwell

As a John Maxwell Team, member my passion is to help leaders develop a leadership growth plan for themselves and their team members.  Here at the “Leadership Growth Connection” page you will find links to my leadership focused coaching moments.   Each one is designed to help you on your leadership growth journey.

John believes that leaders should always be growing and shifting their leadership style as they grow in experience and influence.  Congratulations for being intentional and investing in your personal growth as a leader.

My hope is this will be an interactive page where you will leave comments and questions to help me stay relevant to your needs and concerns. Your question or comment might be  just what another leader needs to know.   Be brave and build one another up.  Let’s rise to the next level together!

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“Great leaders as great questions.”  John Maxwell

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Leading the Leader

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“I lead a local nonprofit organization in Watertown, NY.  One of my biggest challenges is leading groups of volunteers.  The other is knowing how much and who to give my time to.  That said, there are very few resources available in the northern New York to help leaders get better results.  Sherry has been a Godsend.   These past several months she is helping me learn to communicate with volunteers in a way that makes them feel motivated and supported.  Aside from that, she is really helping me see where my time and energy are going to get me the biggest results.  If you’re leading any kind of a nonprofit, and you care about the results you are getting, I really recommend investing in leadership coaching.  You will NOT regret it.”  ~James


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“Commit to the Lord whatever you do,

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Proverbs 16:3