Live with clarity and confidence.  

The Masterclass: “4 Simple Strategies to Live Life with Purpose” is a 6 week virtual coaching and training designed to get you where you want to be faster.  Our founder and CEO, Sherry Eifler, believes “our identity starts at the core of who we are— our heart and is layered and enhanced by what we identify with and do.”  Many get “confused between their core identity and their roles, what they identify with and do.”

What will you gain?

  • Positive community for encouragement and accountability.
  • New appreciation for the importance of your unique personality and skills.
  • Increased clarity and confidence around who you are and how to live the life you love now.

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What do the Masterclass Include?

  • Live Your CORE Process workbook
  • Six 1 hour teaching sessions (first hour)
  • Six 1 hour coaching sessions(second hour)
  • Membership to the private Clear Confident You Facebook group
  • 1 professional personal assessment
  • Personal coaching session to discuss assessment results.

Space is limited to 20 people.



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