Conquer the Mirror Demon

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What can we do when a song is

stuck in our head?

I’ve been invited to share at a virtual summit that will help us get the wrong song’s out of our head.   You are going to get inspired, empowered, and equipped by over 15 speakers my friend Tanja Anderson has gathered for the “Conquer the Mirror Demon” August 14 -27, 2023.  You can register today and watch in the comfort of your home .  CLICK HERE

For far too long I believed I was at the mercy of whatever song was on repeat in my head.   Unlike,  clicking a button to change the radio station or scroll through the playlist to update the song we are listening to; changing the song in our mind requires a more focused effort.

Often the it isn’t a song on repeat it is our own self-critic.   I spent many years holding myself back from living my life to the fullest because of my inner critic and imaginary standards that I didn’t meet.  Of which, all lead me to disqualifying myself before I even tried or beating myself up for missing the mark.   Sound familiar?

Today is the day to Rise Above the Self
Critique on repeat and change the playlist!

I know I wasn’t alone in my struggle to rise about the self-critic and began coaching and speaking to help others change the playlist.  That’s why I was so excited when my friend Tanja  told me that she was hosting a series 
interviews about being able to stand by her demons and look them in the eye.

She would like to interview 
me and I agreed to it. The series was born out of her mission: To be a miracle for 365 living beings every 
year. To provide tools that enable us to 
stand by ourselves and our whole selves. To bring it all to light, 
even the dark side.

The virtual live event is called
Conquer the Mirror Demon 
“How to unlock and break through any dark 
emotion to set yourself free”
  You can get a FREE ticket from me
. The online event starts on 
August 14 
27, 2023

Sign up and get more information using this LINK

My interview will be August 22nd if you want to catch it live.   Please follow my Istagram or Facebook to stay connected and informed.

The Summit 
is  online so you can watch it from home, in the office or on the go.
  It’s an opportunity   to become equipped to master the release of negative emotions through 
breathing and to be a powerhouse of self
knowledge, self
and self
  Tanja has gathered  different experts who have come together to
 share our experiences with life’s challenges. Who will  put 
into words the feelings they have had in a dark, mental vulnerability  past situations.

she hopes we are able to break down the taboo that there are on negative emotions.

We are freely giving of our time 
because want to help you become freed through learning how we have found freedom.


See you on the other side