Tuesday Tidbits

Rise Above the Self-Critic

What tends to be on repeat in your thought life?

Often it isn’t a song on repeat it is our own self-critic.   I spent many years holding myself back from living my life to the fullest because of my inner critic and imaginary standards that I didn’t meet.  Of which, all lead me to disqualifying myself before I even tried or beating myself up for missing the mark.   Sound familiar?

Today is the day to Rise Above the Self
Critique on repeat and change the playlist!

I know I wasn’t alone in my struggle to rise about the self-critic and began coaching and speaking to help others change the playlist.  That’s why I was so excited when my friend Tanja  told me that she was hosting a series 
interviews about being able to stand by her demons and look them in the eye.


Learn more about the summit by clicking the link below  and get registered today.


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