Tuesday Tidbits

Window Reflection Newsletter- June

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Tuesday Tidbits

Rise Above the Self-Critic

What tends to be on repeat in your thought life? Often it isn’t a song on repeat it is our own self-critic.   I spent many years holding myself back from living my life to the fullest because of my inner critic and imaginary standards that I didn’t meet.  Of which, all lead me to disqualifying […]

Reflective Encouragement Tuesday Tidbits

Reflections of a Resurrected Heart

Hints of Spring is in the air. As the birds begin to return may the song they sing remind you that the celebration of Easter, resurrection Sunday will soon be here. Nature has begun it’s preparation for the change of season.   Is there a way that you prepare for the change of season and for […]

Tuesday Tidbits

Worthiness Misplaced

We all need to be reminded that we are loved, we are important to someone, and we are needed.   If you haven’t been reminded lately I’m glad you found this today because the Lord put this on my heart for you. He wants all of His daughters and sons to be reminded that it isn’t […]

Reflections of Life Reflective Encouragement Tuesday Tidbits

Grounded in God’s Word

Accept or Deny the Mission: A nation with hope is grounded in God’s word.   All throughout scripture the Lord points us to the provision He provides for nations who follow after Him and put their trust and hope in Him above all the things of this earth. But the nations who don’t are taken down […]

Tuesday Tidbits

“Don’t Trip, Uplift”

The wind was the exclamation point on the chilly day.   I hadn’t packed a jacket so I was thankful for my sweatshirt to help block the wind and the sun that randomly broke through the clouds to provide some warmth.   My temporary discomfort and chill became insignificant as we drove up to the first stop […]

Reflective Encouragement Tuesday Tidbits

Clean up Aisle 7

“Clean up in aisle 7!” blares over the stores intercom system to alert the clean up crew they are needed.   As a shopper what do you instinctively do? Go to aisle 7 or avoid it?   The clean up crew probably wishes they could avoid it with the avoiders but it’s there job. My college […]

Tuesday Tidbits

Pause for Pain

Dec 12th Lord do I really have to pause for the pain? focus outrageous Joy—- Moose visitation— derailed from assessment— move downstairs then upstairs to avoid distractions just to discover a poem and prayer written in Mom’s handwriting—– so sad that I missed the pain my parents felt but knew the joy my brother and […]

Reflections of Life Reflective Encouragement Tuesday Tidbits

Alter Ego’s are Revealing

Altering our ego can give us a new perspective and in many cases new found confidence.   Halloween in America is a time when people do just that they alter their ego by taking on a masked personality through a costume that gives them a temporary new identity.   It can be fun, empowering, and enlightening all […]

Personal Growth Reflective Encouragement Tuesday Tidbits

You Deserve it!

When is the last time you flew on an airplane?   I just returned from a quick trip to Sitka Alaska.   So often we just mentally check out when the Flight Attendants start their required safety brief about seat belts, emergency exits, flotation devices, and oxygen masks.   (You might even heard the little monologue in […]