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Looking for an “easy” button.

Overwhelmed by the circumstances of life? Caught in a trap and looking for a way out? Wondering if prayers are even heard?

Most of us, if we are honest, have an area in our life that we really want changed. We might even feel trapped and almost enslaved like the Israelite’s in Egypt. There is hope for us, because God hears our prayers and He answers them too.

I think many times we expect to just be released from our circumstances and then life will be easy. I know that is what I want, the instant fix and the easy way out.

The world we live in tells us to look for, the quick fix .  We even have Instacart and same day delivery so if we want something we just order it, click a button, and have it delivered today.   The temptation is to then  think everything should be that was easy, all we need is an “easy” button.

God is not our “easy” button but He has given us easy access to Himself. Just like the Israelite’s He hears our prayers and cries for help.

When we read the account of the Israelite’s rescue from Egypt, in Exodus, we quickly see that God did send help, He did make a way out, and the Israelite people were an active participant in their walk to freedom. Moses wasn’t their “easy” button to get out of Egypt.   They were full on participants in the process. (If you are not familiar with the story I encourage you to take time to read it (Exodus 3 – 12 & 32).)

To experience freedom they had to prepare to exit and build their trust and belief in God; a response to relationship.   They had to pack up, walk out, and trust and believe with each step, a response to relationship.   The Lord relates to us in this same manner.  He meets us where we are and invites us to a deeper relationship with Him.  He waits for our response in relationship.

I think part of our trap is we want to skip the process of relationship building and maintaining because we are focused on “easy”. Relationships are not “easy”. Christ’s ministry and sacrifice were not “easy” or simple. It was an easy decision for Him to make because he wanted us to have direct access to Him as our high priest forever(Hebrews 6:19-20).

The only thing “easy” about our relationship with the Lord is our access. The rest requires regular reverent, selfless, and obedient responses to His call to love the Lord above all else with all we are and love our neighbors as we love ourselves (Matthew 22:36-40). We find freedom when we walk in daily relationship with the Lord. It’s not easy but it is so much better to walk with Him than to live trapped without Him.

How will we respond today?

Be Alert~ Stay Strong~ Pray Always

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do,

and he will establish your plans.”

Proverbs 16:3


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