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Grounded in God’s Word

Accept or Deny the Mission:

A nation with hope is grounded in God’s word.   All throughout scripture the Lord points us to the provision He provides for nations who follow after Him and put their trust and hope in Him above all the things of this earth. But the nations who don’t are taken down by destruction either from crumbling within or being conquered by others.

Today there are many things facing our nation that are pushing us as American’s to lose hope and even tempt us to say, the end is near and Jesus is returning, let it be, I know where my eternal home is.” Maybe you have had similar thoughts or feelings and are looking for hope and direction.

I’m here today to point us to live out our hope grounded in God’s word and not give up on our mission to go, reach, and teach those whose eternity is hopeless without life in Christ.

The easier thing to do is sit back and stay comfortable. Unfortunately, that is exactly what the enemy of God’s Kingdom wants us to do.   Take it easy and ride into our promised eternity. But that is not what Christ has called His followers to do. He was very clear with His disciples, as His time with them neared the end, that things were going to get tough but He gave the mission of the great commission mission anyway. In Matthew 28:18-20Matthew 28:18-20
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Jesus made sure His disciples knew He was speaking from a place of all authority on earth and in heaven and that He would always be with them as he gave them their mission.

The body of Christ still has the same mission but are we living it to the fullest?

We must answer this question at a personal level and move forward from there.   I began with “a nation with hope is grounded in God’s word”. I want to take the statement further; a follower of Christ with hope is grounded in God’s word.

In order for us to live our mission with hope we must be grounded in God’s word so it will sharpen our sight to discern truth from lie, light our path to follow God’s lead, and be our strength and refuge in challenging and hopeless times.

I’m afraid if we are not grounded in God’s word we will be easily bribed like the guards who guarded the tomb of Jesus to suppress the truth for fear placed on us from mere man. (Matt 28:11-15Matt 28:11-15
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It’s time for America to turn back to her roots as a nation grounded in God’s word, it begins one person at a time being grounded themselves and helping others be grounded alongside them.

The question is: Will we accept Christ’s mission or a bribe?

If you are accepting Christ’s mission but your not sure what you need to do next let’s get on a quick call and I can help point you in the right direction. (Schedule here ) Definitely, staying connected on Facebook and Instagram are a great first step and join the private group @Loyal Royals Connection.

Stay strong and live your true royal identity in Christ!

Be Alert~ Stay Strong~ Pray Always

Commit to the Lord whatever you do,

and he will establish your plans.”

Proverbs 16:3Proverbs 16:3
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