Reflections of Life

Is This Really Necessary?

Who else has looked to the heavens lately and asked “Is this really necessary?”  Maybe like me you already knew the answer was yes but just had to say it out loud to feel better.  If my plant had the ability to speak I’m sure it would have cried out the same thing to me as I began cutting away the dead leaves.  Pruning in necessary to maintain flower production and fruit production.  It is just God’s design.

My most recent experience with pruning came during a time of pruning in my own life.  I was struggling to see how the stormy events of the past few weeks were really necessary.  After my morning quiet time and spending time reflecting on what I was learning through these experiences my eyes were drawn to my hydrangea that had lost all it’s beautiful blooms.  It looked like the extreme weather had won the battle.  I wondered if there was any hope for it since I had neglected to cut back the dead branches earlier.    I felt this urge from within to go and do it now.  After all it still had at least one healthy branch reaching beyond the withering leaves.

I grabbed my scissors and headed over.  After cutting back just one branch it became clear that fresh shoots were beginning to emerge from the covered branches.  They just needed to get more light to grow to their potential.  I stepped back after cutting all the unproductive branches away and it looked awful.   Then I thought, “what does it look like for His perspective?”  I moved in close again to look at it from above.  It was amazing!  From the top view I could only see one healthy branch.   It covered all the branches that had just been cut back.  Taking in the heavenly perspective helped to see the good in the situation and stop focusing on the bad.    From God’s perspective He sees the beauty in all things even when they appear to be unnecessary, painful, and ugly from my point of view.

If we desire to live abundant and fruitful lives in Christ it will come with some pruning moments.  The pruning is necessary, painful, and many times ugly but is all apart of the process of our transformation to Christ likeness.   We can always have hope because pruning moments are followed by growth, blooms, and fruit.

My question in these moments needs to be — “Lord will you show me your perspective?”   How about you?   I don’t know what you are facing but I do believe the Lord does.  If we ask for Him to show us what He sees  from His perspective it will give us the hope we need to grow through it.

Lord please show us your perspective and help us to trust you and grow through our circumstances no matter what they bring.  Amen!

Be Alert~ Stay Strong~ Pray Always

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do,

and he will establish your plans.”

Proverbs 16:3