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More Than Words

Words often come easier than following through with action. Especially when it comes to trusting God in the area of our finances.

But truth be told money is another chariot that we might be putting greater trust in. Our challenge is to sit this week with the question; are money and my finances a chariot I trust in more than the Lord? Will you pause with me to honestly evaluate if we are trusting God in word only or also in action? Is our trust really more than words?

Believe me, if I could avoid this subject I would but I can’t—it’s our theme this week. So God has a purpose for us. The question is….

Will we trust Him?

If you will trust Him, keep reading.

As I prayed into this subject the parable of the talents flashed into my mind.   Are you familiar with it? In Matthew 25:14-30Matthew 25:14-30
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, Jesus shares a story about a master who goes on a journey and trusts three of his servants with different amounts of money for safe keeping. The master believes they are all trustworthy and will make good investments for Him.

The master returns from his journey and meets up with his three trusted servants to get their reports. He discovers that two of the servants have put his resources to good use and now have more than what he gave them before leaving.   The master was honored with their trust and hard work and rewarded them each with more than his initial investment in them.   The third servant, I can only image, came to the meeting proud of himself to return what he had been entrusted with only to feel disappointed and shameful for not trusting the master and honoring him by bringing him more like his fellow servants.   If you have read the story you know it didn’t go well for the third servant. He lost everything because he allowed fear to trap him and blind him from the reality that he was given the money to use for greater good and growth for His master.

What if we shifted our mindset about our finances to align with the mindset of the two resourceful servants and are committed to trusting and honoring the Lord with our resources?

It ‘s not an easy to maintain a mindset that focuses on what our resources and finances can do for the Lord.   Which is exactly the attitude we should have because after all, everything that we have is a gift from the Lord. Right?

Again, we are faced with the reality that it is easier to say we trust the Lord than it is to follow through with trust in action.   Ouch! I’m right here with you in this challenge to put our trust into action.

Lord help us to shift our mindset so we are honoring you and trusting you in every area of our life. You are worthy of all things for you are the giver of all things and the giver of good gifts. Help our trust in you be more than words.

Thank you Lord!

Stay strong and live your true royal identity in Christ!

Be Alert~ Stay Strong~ Pray Always

Commit to the Lord whatever you do,

and he will establish your plans.”

Proverbs 16:3Proverbs 16:3
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