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Fill in the Blank

Fill in the blank questions can be intimidating on a test.

Have you ever thought about everyday we are given as a fill in the blank?

Each new day is a day for us to fill and because of the freedom we have in Christ we get to choose how we will fill it.

I’m sure your prayer is similar to mine that I fill it with wise choices that keep me in the will of God.   In order for us to do that we need to be led by the wisdom of God not the wisdom of this world and stay in step with the Holy Spirit our guide through our journey on earth.  

So were do we get Godly wisdom?

Psalm 111:10Psalm 111:10
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tells us the beginning of wisdom starts with???

Can you fill in the blank?   __________ of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

You got it, fear; the fear of the Lord a reverence for His wisdom and majesty opens our hearts and minds to receive and understand His divine wisdom.

Wisdom is a precious treasure and highly sought after in this world.   But not just divine wisdom.   Higher education is costly—we hold high regard for those with titles achieved through gaining wisdom and understanding through higher education. Worldly wisdom is so valuable and determined to be worth taking on debt and making sacrifices of time and energy.

What are you willing to sacrifice for wisdom?

We are told in God’s word that fear is beginning of wisdom and that if we are lacking and seeking wisdom to just ask the Lord for it and He is faithful to provide. The key is He opens up our heart and mind to receive and perceive His wisdom but as in all things in our relationship with God we must take action to gather wisdom from His word and then guard our heart and mind from being robbed of God’s truth (Proverbs 4:23Proverbs 4:23
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Where are you looking for wisdom? How often are you gaining God’s wisdom over the wisdom of this world.

It is easy to get distracted by all the circumstances of this world and think we need to keep up with world events, family happenings, or fill in the blank_____________.   Not to say those aren’t important but we might need to re-evaluate the time we are spending on them.   Maybe it’s time to shift our wisdom gathering priorities.

I’m reminded of a little saying, “Every yes, is a no to something else.”

Our reflection questions for the week are:

What priority shift is the Lord calling you to make moving forward as you seek His wisdom?

What do you need to start saying, “yes” to in pursuit of godly wisdom that will require you to say, ”no” to other things?

Remember everyday is a fill in the blank. We get to choose what we fill it with, praying we choose according to God’s wisdom with more intentionality.

Choose wisely!

Stay strong and live your true royal identity in Christ!

Be Alert~ Stay Strong~ Pray Always



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