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Week # 8 Wisdom Builder Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust is something we begin to learn from the moment we take our first breath.  We trust unknowingly most of our early years.  Until one day we experience something that is hurtful or scary.  Unexpectedly, the pain and fear awakens us to the reality that not everything or person is worthy of our complete trust.  Our life experiences have shaped the way we trust and determined the level of trust we give within our relationships.  Daily we weigh our level of interaction with the world around us based on our measure and choice to trust.  Whether or not we trust God is directly influenced by our ability to trust in our earthly relationships.  

Proverbs 3:5-6Proverbs 3:5-6
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It isn’t easy to trust the Lord all the time.  We tend to reflect our trust level with the things of this world  into our relationship with God.   Our hesitancy to trust is connected to memories of how things have gone in the past.

Moving brought my hesitancy to trust the Lord into the spotlight.  Each move our family makes is an opportunity for me to trust God and lean on him to make my paths straight.  The last duty station move I was faced with the choice—- was I going to trust and lean on Christ or turn to my own understanding.   It was a struggle because, as many of my Military friends can relate, our moving assignments, known as “orders”, don’t always come at effective and helpful times.  This particular time we knew we would be moving and the decision on when and where was long overdue.  There was talk of the possible locations.  At one possible location housing was highlighted as an “immediate” concern, by all our friends, who had lived there before.  Deep in my heart I knew I could and should just trust the Lord with all of the details, even housing.  Each conversation, over the months of waiting, I had about the pending move chipped away at my resolve to trust.  I struggled to keep myself balanced between the concerned looks and questioning words spoken. I felt like the enemy was trying to knock me off balance until I fell.

Maybe you can relate to these statements that feel like arrows or darts that accompany times of trusting in the waiting: “Really you don’t ______ yet” and “What are you waiting for?” or “If I were you I would have already______?”  The words left me to question my peace I had in trusting God.

I was tired of feeling that way so I asked the Lord to “please give me a verse to cling to during this challenging time.” Psalm 5:3Psalm 5:3
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was the answer and my motto for the move became “waiting expectantly on the Lord.”  It was like my trust banner that my heart and mind would wave in the face of doubts that would come my way with every new thought, opinion, and look.  The waiting continued to the point my husband had changed jobs just a day before the next assignment was given.  The orders had arrived!  I’m pleased to report within a few hours of the long awaited news of our next assignment the Lord provided a house that blessed the whole family.

Do you trust the Lord with all your heart?

Who’s understanding do you depend on when you are making decisions each day?

Do you believe if you submit to Christ’s way he will make your paths straight?

Remember straight paths can come in the form of right way of life, conduct or thought, and sometimes even experienced as smooth and unhindered.  Straight paths are not promised to be perfect and without challenges.

Do you have a story of when you chose to trust the Lord and he made your path straight?

I’d love to hear so join the conversation!

Be Alert~ Stay Strong~ Pray Always

Warrior~Princess Sherry

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2 thoughts on “Week # 8 Wisdom Builder Proverbs 3:5-6

  1. IN GOD WE TRUST! All others must earn their trust by what they do. Wisdom is built by continuously learning thru reading and life experiences. As you age you will read things for the second time that provides you with a different understanding than you had before because you have a different perspective.