Week # 6 Wisdom Builder John 1:1

“The Word”?  What is John 1:1 telling us about “the Word”?  A quick look and the simple answer is “the Word” is God and it was there in the beginning.  Yes.  But is there more?

The original language for this passage was Greek and the word used for “the Word” was Logos.  Simply defined Logos refers to the central controlling belief in the universe as– reason.  For Christians, that “belief” is defined as divine wisdom that became visible in creation, governmental order, and the worlds redemption through the second person of the Trinity— Jesus(the Word).  John starts his writing by reminding believers that Jesus not only walked on the earth but he created it along side God and the Holy Spirit.  Jesus is the eternal God, the creator God, and the only way to relationship with God.  May this treasure stir in your heart and lead you to worship Christ in a new way.


In the Beginning……..

In the Manger…….

                       At the cross and resurrection…



Now and through eternity He is God!


How does the truth of John 1:1 stir your heart to worship?


Be Alert~ Stay Strong~ Pray Always

Warrior~Princess Sherry

Week # 6 Wisdom Builder John 1:1
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    Awesome post, thanks for sharing.


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