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Downloadable Retreat Information Sheet

R Connection Retreats with Angie and Sherry “Ambassadors for Christ in Spirit and in Truth”                  Angie McLaughlin and Sherry Eifler are a unique ministry team that combines all you need in one package (Speaker, Worship Leader, and Workshop Facilitators). Combined, they have over 30 years of professional […]

Resources Royal Reflections

Bible Study Pre-Order Details

Thank you for your interest in Royal Reflections.   Those of you who joined me at the Live Launch Party were able to get a sneak peak at the Bible study.    I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of the    Pre-Order Promotions.   So here is a recap. Be sure to subscribe […]

Resources Royal Reflections

Book Release Promo Pack

What is Royal Reflections? Royal Reflections is a Bible Study developed to awaken God’s daughters to live as His warrior princesses.   Christ is looking for His followers to walk in the freedom and power procured for them through his life, death, and resurrection. Royal Reflections is a power infusing study designed to transform daughters of […]

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Don’t Miss the View!

I wanted to invite you to watch the “Royal Reflections Launch Party”video!  I was live on Facebook sharing some behind the scenes information about my Bible study to be released soon.  You don’t want to miss out on the Pre-Order bonuses and the mini study lesson presented only at this party.  What I’m really excited […]


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Thank you for your interest in staying connected and for more information about the availability of the Bible Study.     Remember my gift to you for subscribing is access to free downloadable quote images for your personal use. The purpose and goal of this website is to inspire and build others up while pointing […]

Personal Growth Reflective Encouragement

The Blossoming Dream

Have you ever randomly answered a question and wondered to yourself “Where did that come from”.   Then, follow it with a slight chuckle at yourself?   I have and I actually thought it was a joke until I began to see my “random” answer begin to unfold in my life. The simple question I answered was; […]

Reflections of Life

Is This Really Necessary?

Who else has looked to the heavens lately and asked “Is this really necessary?”  Maybe like me you already knew the answer was yes but just had to say it out loud to feel better.  If my plant had the ability to speak I’m sure it would have cried out the same thing to me […]

Reflective Encouragement Tuesday Tidbits

What’s Your Perspective?

The world we live in is desperate for us to see it’s point of view.  When is the last time you sat back to think about your perspective and how it affects your daily life? How much do you think our perspective influences our life? Our perspective shapes our life. We develop our view of […]

Devotion Series Reflections of Life

Looking for an “easy” button.

Overwhelmed by the circumstances of life? Caught in a trap and looking for a way out? Wondering if prayers are even heard? Most of us, if we are honest, have an area in our life that we really want changed. We might even feel trapped and almost enslaved like the Israelite’s in Egypt. There is […]