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One Wrong Turn Into Poland

We took one wrong turn after just crossing the boarder into Poland. Normally, that would be okay it just meant we were about to discover something new, or I was going to tour another “bus only” lane. It wasn’t one of those carefree wrong turns… Today, I was the trail vehicle in a caravan, of ten vehicles full of moms and all kids of deployed soldiers, going on a spring break trip(2008). It was my unspoken responsibility to get everyone, in the wrong turn club, in front of me to our destination. Needless to say, I was struggling to find peace. Maybe your struggling to experience peace in your life today. I’m sharing this experience as a faith builder that I’m sure will encourage you.
After the wrong turn the exciting reality that we didn’t all have cell phones, directions, or our own children in our vehicles started blaring in my head. I needed some divine peace. The sun was beginning to set. The light of the day slipped away as I managed to gather the other disoriented straggler vehicles. The only thing that made sense in the darkness of night was to pull into a parking lot and pray. So we did, all 5 vehicles. It was well lit so we got everyone out in a circle and prayed believing the Lord was going to shed His light on the right path for us to get to the Eliom Mission and be reunited with the group and, for me, my own children.
As we reloaded our vehicles, it came to light that we had gathered to pray in the parking lot of a strip club! A reminder the Lord uses all light to guide His people.
The roads we were traveling became more narrow, less lit, and more treacherous as we went. Looking back on this experience I remember a sweet peace filling my heart in the midst of the unbelievable circumstances. Miraculously, only by the grace of God, we all made it to our final destination and were reunited. To this day I can’t tell you how we made it and managed to stay together because none of us had a clue where we were or where we were going. Only God knew and that was enough for me in that moment to have peace.
I hold onto this truth and faith builder for the times when I don’t know where I’m going or where I am in life. He is my peace in the storm, my light for my path, my rock, and my strength in life.
If you are struggling to find peace in your life ask the Lord to be the light unto your path and trust Him with your journey. Sometimes it is just taking a moment to reflect on how He has brought you through other storms in your life. We can find His peace when we are still in His presence and turn our attention to His word.

Be Alert~ Stay Strong~ Pray Always

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do,

and he will establish your plans.”

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