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Behind the Triple M’s

A look at the triple M’s: Monuments, Museums, and Markers~

How do you appreciate historical connection points?  Which describes you best when you visit a historical location or go to a museum, quickly walk through or linger to spend time looking through all the details?   Living so close to our nations capital has given me the gift of viewing the numerous monuments, museums, and markers of our America’s history.   It caused me to consider; why do people invest their time, talent, and money to construct and maintain these structures?

Each monument has it’s own why story behind it.  In the roots of the why story is where each structure was nurtured to bear the fruit we experience in it’s existence.   The triple M’s encourage us to remember, reflect, refocus, and reengage life with a refreshed perspective.

Do you have markers in your life that give you a refreshed perspective? All throughout the Old Testament the Lord’s people would build monuments and markers to remember what the Lord had done on their behalf.  Why?  So the generations to come would be reminded of God’s faithfulness.  They would be encouraged to remember, reflect, refocus, and reengage their life with a renewed perspective.   The people of God used big boulders.  I use rocks, shells, crosses, and books.  Sometimes they have words or scriptures on them or just their uniqueness reminds me of their meaning.

What are some of your monuments?   I  encourage you to make your own monument markers and plan time to linger and reflect on each ones meaning.

One of my monuments is a traveling cross wall that goes up in my many homes I have lived in over time.  I believe this wall makes number eight.  It is full of over thirty uniquely styled crosses from all over the world.  Most are gifts that remind me of God’s faithfulness for providing friendships in some lonely places of life. Many others reflect His protection during times of my husband’s deployments.  But they all cause me to reflect on the endless love of God for me and the world that He sent his precious Son to as the perfect sacrifice for our salvation.  If you ever come to visit be sure to ask the story behind your favorite one.

What is it that the Lord has personally done for you that needs a marker for remembrance and encouragement?   Life happens so fast and  it is so full of distractions.   Our markers bring us back into focus.  They reflect memory flashes of God’s love, His goodness, His faithfulness, and His protection that will rekindle our hope.  We are all prone to easily losing our God perspective.   We are vulnerable to allowing the fear factor in when we should be living fearlessly with faith.

I’d love to hear about your monuments markers.  Please share in the comments.

Be Alert~ Stay Strong~ Pray Always

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do,

and he will establish your plans.”

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