Reflections of Life

Sowing in Every Season.

Daily I  see little signs that Spring is coming.  Are you seeing them too?  How does it effect you?  It gets my mind turning with excitement because I begin to anticipate the flowers that I love blooming and my favorite day of Spring— “tree budding day.”  It isn’t an official day but as my family will affirm I have the gift of creating new expressions for all sorts of things.   “Tree Budding Day” is the day all the leaves unroll like scrolls to announce the full arrival of Spring.  The brilliant green that fills the, once bear, scenery is magnificent, in my opinion, and I think the birds like it too.  What is your favorite part of Spring?

These little signs of melting snow, little buds forming on trees, and more birds buzzing about brought a reflection to the surface of my heart that I thought I would share……. What seeds have you been planting and cultivating in the garden of your heart this Winter that will blossom this Spring?    Any thoughts?

I had numerous thoughts buzz through my mind but the one that stuck and summed them up was this one  “To keep growing we must keep sowing.”   Every season of life offers opportunity to cultivate growth.   When we are intentional with what we are planting we will end up with less surprises as the seasons change.  What am I getting at with this gardening analogy?

Intentional living.  The more intentional we are with our daily choices the more aware we are of our need to grow .  Our awareness of our need for continuous growth will promote purposeful learning and the planting of seeds that will bloom into abundant life experiences.  In every season we can purpose to live with hope, faith, and love as the seeds to grow a garden that will flourish in and out of season.  Any garden will continue to produce, even when left unattended.  The quality of its production is directly related to intentional care.

When we are aware and living intentionally our garden has the potential to flourish with the fruit of the Spirit.   My prayer is we will seek to live abundantly in Christ in and out of season in the power of Christ’s love, faith, and hope.


What seeds have you been intentionally planting and cultivating in the garden of your heart?


Be Alert~ Stay Strong~ Pray Always

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do,

and he will establish your plans.”

Proverbs 16:3Proverbs 16:3
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